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How Can I Help?

Our aim at Still Waters Business Coaching is provide you with the tools to help you achieve your business goals, building your best team, and make having time for your family and the other important people in your life.

  • Identify roadblocks that are keeping you from growing.
  • Decide where you want to take your business.
  • Provide a “toolkit” of best practices to meet your needs and goals.
  • Provide focus and accountability to keep you on track.

Who Can I Help?

I help Business Owners who:

Want To Increase 


Do you know that you can do more with your sales and profitability, but can't crack the code? 

Need To Build A High 

Performing Team

Do you feel like you have a team that can reach for the stars, but they just need more development?

Want to Increase Their 


Do you know that you can do more with your sales and profitability, but can't crack the code? 

Want to Attain 


Freedom means something different to every business owner. For some it means selling, for others it means being able to go on vacation 3 months a year. What Does It Mean To You?


What our clients write about us


My dream has always been to be a farmer. When times were hard, Kim was there for me. He instilled in me the confidence that I could do this. He helped me find my niche during a local farm economic crisis. At one time, my profit margin was less than 0%, and I was using my retirement funds to pay my expenses. With Kim's help, my net profit is now 50% of my revenues. People drive two hours to pay me premium prices for my product. I no longer lie awake at night worrying about money!

Robert- KY Direct Sales Dairyman


Kim came into our lives as a gift after becoming a national finalist in a business plan competition. And what a great gift! We feel like we got a Master's Degree in business planning after working with him! His coaching and his book set us on the path to success. In the year following his coaching, our client numbers doubled and our Profit Margin tripled. We had dreamed before, but he showed us how to bring those dreams to reality. It's been several years since he coached us, and he's still in our heads - the knowledge we gained from him continues to drive our decisions.

Suzanne- IL Senior Moving Specialist


I attended a boot-camp style business management training that Kim led several years ago. His questions, his challenges, and his style of teaching and coaching were fantastic. He had a way of presenting examples that were not directly about me, but he WAS talking about me; I should be doing this. In the end, I decided to NOT go into my business full-time, but he made me realize that that proactive decision was, in fact, a successful decision for ME. And that decision has served me well.

David- KY Landscaper


Needing to build back some excitement and enthusiasm into my business, Kim helped me provide a consistent message to my customers and helped me implement some new marketing methods using that message. He pushed me out of my comfort zone, and helped me make some changes that were consistent with what I do best. I am thankful that, most importantly, he cared not just about how my business was doing, but how I was doing.

Rachael- KY Retail Spirits/ Bar Owner

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